Ransomware Attacks – Everything You want to know!!

Wannacry Ransomware is still the talk of the townsfolk. As some of  the older versions of windows users are affected by this cyber attack,Microsoft spreading a word that says, update your windows version and be safe. The whole world is busy in the WannaCry ransom ware jeopardize, and by the time two major  data breaches have been reported, one in DocuSign and another in BELL. Bell On Monday confirmed that the company had been hit by an unknown hacker who has managed to access its customer information. Thus, this is not a just a one day attack, this variety of cyber attack may continue in future as the whole universe is running behind digitization. Data breaches and other cyber attacks take place all over the globe in every second but some gets worst. Wannacry is one such kind. Close to French researchers claiming that they had found a solution towards the files encrypted by wannacry. They added that so far, banking, energy and some government intelligence agencies from various European countries and India had contacted them  regarding the repair


  • Attempt to block inbound connections on TCP port 445
  • Attempt to back up all your valuable data safely.
  • Hold on your windows operating system updated to the latest edition
  • Make certain that your system is protected with antivirus (at least apply some trial version)
  • Please do not open e-mails which are received from unknown e-mail id and it holds in some unfamiliar url, zipped files or  files with .exe extension.
  • Be careful while browsing in the internet. Do not click any kind of pop ups or Advertisement showing in web while you are browsing.
  • Make sure you are browsing secure websites only
  • If it is infected in your system kindly unplug your system from the network and disconnect from  wifi immediately.


  • Make sure the sinkhole domain is not blocked in case of residual attack. Some false news is spreading on the internet that says block your sinkhole domain to protect the wannacry ransomware attack, which is rubbish.
  • Do not pay the money which they are asking for, as this does not guarantee files will be released.

Solutions :


  • Symantec Norton anti virus users can check the solution here
  • Solution from K7 Computing. Click here  for more details.
  • Click here for Malwarebytes Lab’s solution.

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